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Planned Trips

Come and experience the wonders of driving on the sand dunes at the Portland Dune Buggy Club, 3rd - 6th May 2024.

  • Stirct 10 car maximum rule, enforced by the Portland Dune Buggy Club.
  • Base camp is setup just behind the sand dunes with access to the campsite suitable for caravans and camper trailers.
  • No pets are allowed.
  • Priority will be given to newer members that have not done the trip before.

Starting  August 25th and finishing September 14th.

First night camping along the Murray at Nicholls Point then making our way to Peterborough. Staying 2 nights at Horse Shoe Top End and driving the properties 4wd tracks. Following will be 2 nights at the Bendleby Ranges, driving some of the 200k 4wd tracks. Then onto The Flinders Ranges and Arkaroola for for 5 days exploring.

Starting to head home stopping at the Argadells and driving their 4wd tracks. Stopping overnight at Wirrabara to see some silo art and a 400 year old River Red Gum. Making our way to Birdwood for 2 nights to see the motor museum and possibly wineries. From here make our way back home, possibly stopping at Horsham or Stawell being the 1/2 way point.

Being in National Parks no pets. Caravans and camper trailers are fine. Will need to make sure you have necessary recovery gear, first aid, communications, sat nav and maps and food, water and fuel. 4wd tracks range from easy to difficult.

Fees will be incurred for National Park entry and camping and caravan parks. In addition as the Argadells and Horse Shoe Top End are private property fees will apply to camping and driving their 4wd tracks. Once numbers are known/confirmed I will make the necessary bookings.

Numbers limited to 10 vehicles.

Happy to provide more detail sooner, if you wish.

Closer to the trip I will organise a get together so we can all meet and go over things. I'm open to making changes if there's places of interest I've missed.

Kyle Genn

Darren and I are leading a trip into the Simpson Desert, South to North along the Warburton Track, then onto the Hay River Track ending at Jervois. This is Part 1 of our trip. Maximum fuel range of 1300kms with last fuel available at Marree SA. There is a chance for people unable to make this distance to deviate into Birdsville to refuel, changing the Maximum fuel distance to 650-700kms.

Total number of cars is 10, no towing. At this stage 9 places are taken with Matt Rouget, Jason Chambers, Kyle Genn, Colin Rees, Phillip and Kathy Porter, Callum Porter, Nigel Smith, Daniel Chandler and of course Darren and I going. If you want to put your name down please do so even if it's full as a lot can change in 18 months and people may need to pull out for a variety of unforeseen reasons.

Once we reach Jervois Nigel Smith will be heading across to Stradbroke or Moreton Island so keep an eye out for his post. As for Darren and I we will be running Part 2 which will consist of parts of Binns track into Alice Springs then down the Oodnadatta Track back through to Marree then home. We will be gone 2 weeks from door to door. I will post Part 2 as a separate event as some people may like to join us for the trip home.

The trip sheets will be at the club meetings for people to see/sign up.

Julie Chandler